We have taken mining to the next level, instead of keeping tabs open and using your performance to mine, we use our performance, this creates a stable way of income. We offer 2 mining packs, Silver and Gold.

How does it work?
Every package runs for 30 days, after those 30 days your Mining Pack will expire.
If you haven't claimed all of your coins, it is possible to claim the last/left over at the bottom of the page through your "Mining Pack History".

Mining Pack Limits
In order to make sure mining stays equal for everyone, we've set a limit on the maximum number of Packs mining at the same time, this limit is currently set to 100.

Available Packs
Silver Mining Pack
You can buy the Silver Mining Pack for 0.0025 BTC, the average earnings on this pack are 0.00005 BTC and your total earnings will be 0.00255 BTC*.

Gold Mining Pack
You can buy the Gold Mining Pack for 0.005 BTC, the average earnings on this pack are 0.0001 BTC and your total earnings will be 0.0051 BTC*.

*All calculations are based on an indication, we pay you back in Coins not in Bitcoin.

Daily Limit
There is a Daily Limit on every pack, which means you can only claim your coins once every 24 hours.
The 24 hours are set to a fixed date (as soon as your payment is received, the mining pack starts and the date is set).

You buy a Silver Mining Pack on 10:43AM, this means you can claim your coins every day on 10:43AM, if you claim your coins at 11:43AM, the date will still be fixed at 10:43AM.
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