To withdraw your funds you need to go to your Wallet Page, before you can request for a withdrawal you need to met certain requirements.

You can request a withdrawal once every 24 hours
Your Facebook account needs to be linked to your Crypto.Ad Account
You need at least one coin

After you've met the requirements, you can request a withdrawal, which will be processed within 24 hours. However you can shorten that time, by upgrading to a PRO, PRO+ or PRO++ account the withdrawal processing time will be reduced, visit the PRO page to find out more.

I don't have a wallet linked (yet)
If you haven't linked your wallet yet, read all about it here which describes how you can link your XRP wallet to your account.

I see a notice about multiple wallets
If multiple accounts are using the same wallet, you will be notified by a message on the wallet page, if you proceed with requesting a withdrawal without validating and checking your wallet your withdrawal will be denied. If you're sure that you are the only one that is using the wallet, get in contact with our support.

Why do i need to link Facebook?
In the past we've had several users that we're misusing the system, by linking your Facebook account you prove that your a human and comply with the requirements.

Keep in mind that you can only link one Facebook account to one Crypto.Ad account, so you can't link multiple accounts to one Facebook account, this is to prevent any fraud.
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