If you want to link your wallet or change your currently linked wallet follow the steps below.

Supported wallets
We don't support all wallets by all exchanges, before you start make sure you have a wallet on one of the following exchanges:


Supported cryptocurrency
Currently you can only be payed out in Ripple (XRP), so make sure to have a XRP wallet created at the exchange.

Linking for the first time
If you haven't linked a wallet before the box to enter your wallet will be visible right away, visit the wallet page and take a look on the left block (on tablet or desktop, if you're on mobile it's the first block showing).

You need to enter a wallet address and tag, this is your unique identifier for the exchange to know where to send the XRP to. Because you want to receive XRP, most exchanges will label the option like "Deposit" or "Receive", there you can find the wallet address and tag needed.

Enter the address and tag into the box on the wallet page, if the address is valid to use than a checkmark will appear in a green box besides it, also enter the tag below.

If everything wen't like described you will see something like below:

Do not use the address and tag as in the image, this is not your address

Now press the "Save wallet" button, in order to protect an already linked wallet, you need to confirm the change through your e-mail. Don't keep changing your wallet, wait a couple of minutes for the e-mail to arrive.

if you request a withdrawal we will send it to the current linked address and tag, so if you want to receive the withdrawal on a different address, make sure to change it and validate it before requesting.

Change your linked wallet
If you have already linked a wallet, the box to change your wallet isn't visible right away. At the top right of the page you'll see a button labeled "Change wallet". If you click on it, the box will appear.

Enter the address and tag into the box on the wallet page, like doing when you first linked it, again the green check-mark will appear in a green box if the address is valid.

Now press the "Save wallet" and validate the change through your e-mail.

Wallet not valid?
If the wallet address is not valid, make sure you are using one of the accepted exchanges above. If your absolutely sure the wallet address is correct, get in contact with our support team to figure out what goes wrong.

The tag is importent
In order for us to send the amount of XRP to the correct wallet, a tag is needed, so make sure that you enter everything correct. Once we've send the withdrawal to the given wallet address and tag, we can't revert it and your XRP will be lost.
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